Dibla and Schneider Electric

The Concept

  • the clock – Constantly changing but still the same every now and then. For sure every house has one. This one have a house.
  • volume lights – There is nothing more common between the light and atmosphere than the light effects. Different colors, shapes, intensity, the perfect explanation of life.
  • house plan – Inspired by light, filling the volume with atmosphere, bringing you feelings and emotions. Perfectly defining the zones by different levels. We would love to live here. Do you?

The Light Setups

  • it’s coffee time – The clock is showing almost nine o’clock, coffee is ready. Wake up and breathe.
  • movie scene – Relax or dynamics, or maybe dramatic effects. Nothing is better then a great home cinema experience.
  • after party – Welcome home. Party is over. Take one more drink, a quick pool dive or just to relax on the couch.

Schneider electric control

  • the clock – Illuminated with different colors, depending on weather conditions, time of the day, season, your emotions… Everything is exactly set up and controlled by you and Schneider electric.
  • exterior panels – The border between outside and inside or no borders? Depends on you.
  • projector and screen – Ready to watch your new favorite movie in a second. Just get the remote control and press the button.
  • exterior light + pool light – From the couch or the  kitchen through the control panel and in the water. Anytime!
  • path lights – You will never be lost even in the darkest movie scene. Different colors and intensity.
  • interior panel lights – dimmed or stronger, At first you never knew that they are there, don’t you?
  • coffee machine timer – it would be great to wake up with the charomate of your favorite coffee. Just stop the alarm clock and you can feel the scent in the air